Friday, May 13, 2011

broken bowl...

I can’t believe I made it almost 10 years without breaking a dish. Sure, there have been a few chips here and there, but I have never actually broken a piece of china. The beautiful blue Spode china that I have used every day for the past (almost) 10 years. Until this week, I reached in the cabinet to pull out a bowl and it slipped right out of my hand and broke into two pieces. Certainly not a happy moment but a comment from my husband started me to think about “what does it mean?”

So, ten years ago I was in total wedding mode. Preparing for our special day, receiving lovely shower gifts such as the china. Dreaming of what life would be like as a Mrs. PIcking out outfits for our honeymoon, some of which I still can’t bare to part with. It was such a fantastic time in my life. Fast forward to 2011 and my broken bowl. All I could think about was all that my life has become in the past ten years. A wife, a mother (two kids and one four legged pup), a (better) friend, a daughter (in-law) and a sister (in-law) the list goes on. This may seem silly but while I wasn’t happy that the bowl broke in two, I was happy that ten years later this is what my life has become. I imagine that if I had broken a bowl the first year we were married, I just would have been mad at myself. But now, I feel thankful that this china has served many meals to my family and dear friends. A good reminder that my life is in a very good place with wonderful people surrounding me.

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